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The Cult – Sonic Temple

Rare - Audiophile - Out of Print - Limited Pressing


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Weight: 180g
Cover Condition: Mint
Record Condition: Mint
CD Condition: Mint

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Sonic Temple
A1 Sun King
A2 Fire Woman
A3 American Horse
A4 Edie (Ciao Baby)
B1 Sweet Soul Sister
B2 Soul Asylum
B3 New York City
B4 Automatic Blues
C1 Soldier Blue
C2 Wake Up Time For Freedom
C3 Medicine Train
C4 The River
D1 Bleeding Heart Graffiti
D2 Messin’ Up The Blues
D3 Fire Woman (Nyc Rock Mix)
D4 Edie (Ciao Baby) (Acoustic)
Live At Wembley 1989
E1 New York City
E2 Automatic Blues
E3 American Horse
E4 Sun King
F1 Soul Asylum
F2 Sweet Soul Sister
F3 Fire Woman
Sonic Temple Demos
MC-A1 Sonic Temple Radio Promo
MC-A2 New York City (Version 1)
MC-A3 American Horse
MC-A4 Sun King
MC-A5 Automatic Blues
MC-A6 Yes Man
MC-A7 Wake Up Time For Freedom
MC-A8 Citadel
MC-A9 The River
MC-B1 The Crystal Ocean
MC-B2 Cashmere
MC-B3 Edie (Ciao Baby) (Version 1)
MC-B4 Bleeding Heart Revival
MC-B5 Star Child
MC-B6 Medicine Train (Rock Demo)
MC-B7 New York City (Rock Demo)
MC-B8 Fire (Woman) (Rock Demo)

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