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Jack Nitzsche – The Hot Spot - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Audiophile - Reissue - Remastered - 12"45RPM


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Release Year:
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Weight: 180g
Cover Condition: Mint
Record Condition: Mint
CD Condition: Mint

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Coming To Town
Empty Bank
Harry’s Philosophy
Dolly’s Arrival

Harry And Dolly
Bank Robbery


The Hot Spot is an amalgamation of swampy blues, jazz and rock, all mixed and recorded in a sparse, bloomy and eerie sort of way and it has long been a highly sought after record among audiophiles. The 1990 Dennis Hopper film features a who’s who, including Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker, Taj Mahal, and more. The most requested album at 2010s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. A true demonstration disc if there ever was one.

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Track List

    Side a
  • Coming To Town
  • Empty Bank
  • Harry's Philosophy
  • Dolly's Arrival
    Side b
  • Harry And Dolly
  • Sawmill
  • Bank Robbery
    Side c
  • Moanin'
  • Gloria's Story
  • Harry Sets Up Sutton
    Side d
  • Murder
  • Blackmail
  • End Credits

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