Vinyl is too fragile and needs to be handled very carefully and passionately. A clean record helps in maintaining the long life of the LPs. If the record is soiled the stylus can get damaged and will go on the record or may skip or scratch pushing the dirt into the grooves. A clean record helps in maintaining the life of the LP and also looks after the stylus along with maintaining the sound quality. So scouring vinyl is as important as the delicacy with which one should handle it. We have special vinyl record cleaners that are used to make the LP spotless. The Record Store has world’s two renown record cleaners which are being put to service for record sparkling.

Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine- it is a fully automatic instrument that does all the work by itself from cleaning to restoration. This cleaning device cleans the record to make it look like new again. We offer to clean the vinyl at a nominal price.


o   5NZD each for a single record
o   45NZD for 10 records.

KLAUDIO ultrasonic record cleaner with dryer- record cleaning has been a part of maintaining the vinyl and LP since the dawn of it. With the advent of technology the methods of cleaning to have changed, from manual polishing to ultrasonic devices that clean and polish the records the way the circuit is designed on it for the first time. The KLAUDIO Ultra Sonic Record Cleaner cleans and waxes the record by using high-frequency pressure waves which generate cavitation bubbles which pass through the grooves dislodging the dirt and debris stuck in there. Record store uses this appliance to clean the vinyl. New anti-static sleeves will be provided with each cleaned record. The rate for the cleaning


10NZD each for a single record

5NZD for 5 or more records


For the records to be cleaned outside Christchurch postage and handling charges, need to be paid.