Patrick Greig, Director

Vinyl is the most wonderful forms of music since they are warm and give a very lively feeling. Collecting vinyl is a form of an art. There are different types of people who are interested in vinyl. The first types are the people who gather vinyl for listening, the second category is the vinyl collectors and the third types are the people who have the habit of collecting and hearing to vinyl.

Patrick Greig is one of the few people who own a huge collection of vinyl and Super Audio CD which has grown over the years because of his passion for collection and music. His passion for vinyl collection has not subsided so he has decided to sell the double wraps and a few of his collections that he does not want now. Record Store has all his double wrap collection which has been put up for sale. The Super Audio CD of high quality has been put up for sale. The main aim of Record Store is to keep the music alive.

We keep collecting and updating our stock from renown record collectors and never run out of stock. We mainly focus on selling good quality vinyl and SACDs rather than a huge quantity of it. We keep getting new stocks and sometimes lack time to update the stock list with the latest collection that arrived. So do not be disheartened if you did not find the vinyl and SACDs you were searching for. We have thousands of records and what you are looking for is not available on site just drop in an email for us to get back to you with a positive response. And even if we do not have it we are bound to know someone who has it and we can arrange that for you.

 Just pop into our online store and find the vinyl you dreamed off at the best price.……